The Bourdain Series

June 8, 2018, was a sad day for many.  The culinary world shockingly lost a friend, mentor, trailblazer, and all around good guy.

Anthony Bourdain was a giant in the world of international cuisine.  He never met a stranger and had an uncanny ability to make genuine friends everywhere he ventured.  Chef, former drug addict, author, and TV personality only scratch the surface of what he truly was.  Bourdain opened our eyes to this vast landscape that is international cuisine and unfamiliar cultures.

Bourdain’s passion for cooking and experiencing other cultures was unmatched and was part of the inspiration for the creation of Global Gastronome in 2014.

What is The Bourdain Series?

The Bourdain Series is a carefully and lovingly curated set of deep culinary experiences that trace Tony’s journeys through some of his favorite locations throughout the world. Eat where and how he did. Experience people and adventures as he did.  In the end, you will come away a changed person.

With love, gratitude, an open heart, and an empty stomach, we present to you our living tribute to Anthony Bourdain; The Bourdain Series.

Thank you for everything Tony. You and your candor are missed…now let’s get to eating!

Bourdain Series 2019/2020

Bourdain Series
Singapore, Malaysia

August 8 – 13, 2019

Bourdain Series
Tokyo, Japan

March 2020

Bourdain Series
Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 2020

Bourdain Series
Madrid, Spain

June 2020

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